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As part of a furniture course, I chose to deal with the aesthetics of temporality. A lot of objects around us serve as a temporary solutions but in practice accompany us for many years.

Although corrugated metal sheets are used as a temporary wall for construction sites, they can be on the street for years.

So I chose to take the structure of corrugated metal sheets and turn it into furniture.

At first I thought of turning it into an outdoor piece of furniture that would create a dialog with the corrugated metal sheets on the street, but then I decided to take the this outdoors icon off the street and move it indoors.

I used a 2 mm thick metal sheet and used bends in places that serve the structure and strength of the chair.

At the top the bends are designed to allow comfortable sitting without sharp corners. In the middle of the stool there are bends that give structural strength and connect between the two parts. At the bottom I created legs for the stool and that way not all the metal sits on the floor.

Materials: 2 mm metal sheet, screws.

Technology: Rhino, Solid Works, laser cutting, bending.

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