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As a barista and coffee lover, I noticed that there is no truly small coffee grinder on the market, such as a one cup of coffee grinder. Home electric grinders are designed for a large amount of coffee, are expensive, and need a separate tool for storing ground coffee. Although manual grinders provide quality grinding with different levels of grinding, they do not transfer the coffee directly to the espresso machine / moka pot- makineta.
I designed a coffee grinder for one to two cups of coffee in which the coffee is ground directly to the handle of the machine / moka pot- makineta basket.
Its essential advantage is that coffee is always fresh because the beans are ground shortly before drinking  the coffee.
Also, every coffee lover knows that coffee always spills on the countertop during preparation. In this grinder the coffee is ground straight into the the funnel shaped receptacle so that the amount of dirt is significantly reduced. The grinder works with a battery and charger, making it effectively cordless and allowing for convenient and easy use.

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